Student Result: Saurabh

Booked $115,000 in 3 Months!

Backstory: Saurabh has been a wedding photographer for 10+ years and runs his business with his wife, Rashmi. He shot weddings in multiple countries and finally settled down in Canada.

Problem: After the pandemic, he and his team expected a lot of inquiries, but to their surprise that wasn’t the case. But even worse, this made him desperate for sales and he recognized that couples can see that desperation. That’s when he knew he needed help to improve his mindset as an entrepreneur…

Results: After 2 calls with Rapid Bookings, he finally decided to join. His results skyrocketed soon after joining and he made $115,000 in less than 3 months! $39,000 of that came from the sales script before his ads even launched. Now, he is looking to expand his business from Canada to multiple states in the US.

Student Result: Ricardo

Booked 15+ Paid Engagements & 10+ Weddings using Ads

Backstory: Ricky was tired of working his 9-5 job and wanted to go full-time in his business. He knew running ads would be the best good way to see results fast but had no idea how to make ads work. He was skeptical because he had a newborn at home and couldn’t risk losing any money on ads.

Problem: But, he wasn’t exactly a marketing expert and knew nothing about running ad campaigns. So, he decided to get some help.

Results: After joining Rapid Bookings, it took him some time to get into the flow of things, but once he did, he booked 15+ paid engagement sessions and 10+ weddings with his ads. He also improve his sales performance so he could confidently book more clients from both his paid and organic inquiries.

Student Result: Alicia

She Made $50,000 in 4 Months!

Backstory: Alicia started pursuing her passion for photography back in high school. After high school, she went to a school for photography, so she could improve her skills and her service. This way she would get clients purely based on her talent…at least that’s what she thought.

Problem: Although she nailed the photography techniques, she always struggled with the business side of things. Before consultations, she would get nervous and on the call, lower her prices to whatever the couple wanted. In general, she never had enough clients to make a living with her photography business, and at some point, she knew she had to make a change and seek expert help.

Results: She joined Rapid Bookings and booked $50K worth of weddings within 4 months. But even better than that, she improved her confidence which not only helps her in business, but also in her personal life. 

Student Result: Ryan

Booked $41,223 within 4 Months of Launching Ads!

Backstory: Ryan has been shooting weddings for 5 years working for other companies, but at some point, he felt like he was stuck in a rut. Then he started his own business to shoot weddings and make a living.

Problem: He tried doing SEO, Google ads, and posting on Instagram on his own but barely got any results. That’s when he knew he wanted more, so he could charge higher prices and attract the couples he wanted to work with.

Results: After finally joined Rapid Bookings and made $41,223 within 4 months! Since then he completely shifted his mindset toward entrepreneurship and even booked a wedding in Japan.

Student Result: Spencer & Coral

They Made $75,000 in 4 Months!

Backstory: Spencer & Coral had been shooting for 5 years, but they were not making enough in their business to support themselves financially. So they had to rely on side gigs.

Problem: They were running out of money and knew they needed to make a change in their business. But, they were not good at marketing. This is when they realized they needed help.

Results: After joining our program, they made $75,000 in 4 months! Now they’re fully booked for the year, charging $13K+ for their weddings, and traveling the world as a husband & wife team.

Student Result: Satesh

He Made $160,000 in 7 Months!

Backstory: Satesh started his wedding business from scratch and he realized marketing was not his strength. Instead of struggling with marketing for years, he decided to hire marketing companies.

Problem: But these marketing companies could not provide him with quality leads or even teach him how to convert these leads into clients. After trying two separate marketing companies, he knew he needed to do something different.

He now wanted to learn the marketing & sales aspect himself, so he could be more empowered as an entrepreneur and be in control of his business. This way he didn’t have to rely on others.

Results: After some initial hesitation, he finally joined the Rapid Bookings System™ and made $160,000 in 7 months! Since then his team has expanded and he hired his friends to shoot for him.

Student Result: Ashley

How She Doubled Her Income In 7 Months & Opened a Studio!

Backstory: Ashley has been a wedding photographer for 10+ years and runs her business with her husband, Shawn. 

Their work, service and professionalism is top notch! But even with a tremendous amount of talent, she still struggled…

Problem: She did not know how to market herself. Specifically, she struggled to guide the sales consultations. As a result, she was underselling herself and stuck with low-paying clients.

Often she would feel frustrated with her lack of marketing and sales knowledge. She admits that she had a ton of important things missing and she wasn’t well-equipped to grow her business. 

It was time for a change… and she knew it!

Results: She joined the Rapid Bookings System™ and booked her top package ($5000) for the first time within a few weeks. Then she went onto double her income in less than 7 months! 

Since then, she’s added a few associates to her business and now she’s opening up a studio for other creatives to collaborate.

Student Result: David

We Improved His Mindset & Helped Him Make $63,613

Backstory: David quit his job and went full-time in his business. He bought a course from a famous photographer, but after few weeks of consuming content… He knew this course couldn’t help him.

Problem: The course he bought didn’t show him how to run ads step-by-step. Or how to even optimize his ads. He didn’t want to keep wasting money, so he decided to look for another solution.

Results: After joining our program, David earned $63,613. It wasn’t an easy ride because he had to overcome some mental hurdles.

But he’s grateful for all the coaching he received on this. He said this has been the biggest game changer. And we’re proud of his progress! He’s come a long way and he deserves all the success.

Student Result: Jeff

Made $22K Revenue in 45 Days!

Backstory: He’s a talented wedding photographer, but lacked consistency in leads and bookings. He tried various marketing tactics, but nothing got him the results he wanted.

Problem: He knew he needed help with marketing since it was not his strength. But, he was confused on who to trust and work with.

He was really looking for a coaching program that was data-driven and provided real, tangible results within a reasonable timeframe.

Results: He joined the Rapid Bookings System™ and within 90 days of launching the system, he made $22,000 in revenue. Then he went on to make a total of $52,000 within 4 months!

Student Result: Rafelin

He Made $88,550 in 10 Months!

Backstory: He’s a wedding filmmaker from Boston. Prior to working with me inside Rapid Bookings, he was struggling in business.

Problem: He had a tough time getting paid what he was worth. And he was stuck working with clients that didn’t value him.

Meanwhile, he dreamt of being able to finally work with his ideal clients and charge premium prices. He knew it was time to change things when he was tired of seeing his ideal clients slip away.

Results: He joined the Rapid Bookings System™ and within 10 months, he made $88,550 in revenue. Now he’s booking weddings with his ideal clients and charging $6-10K per wedding on average.

Student Result: Bryan

How He Is Getting Leads on Autopilot & Made $8K In One Day

Backstory: Bryan went full-time in his wedding photography business. But he quickly started to feel the pressure because we wasn’t able to generate leads and bookings consistently.

Problem: He tried to run Facebook ads based on what he learned on YouTube and other free resources. He was spending over $3000 per month on ads, but he didn’t see any profitable results from it.

He was paying roughly $60 per lead… which is outrageously expensive! And he couldn’t afford to keep experimenting with ads.

After months of struggling, he decided he needed some help from a marketing expert. That’s when he joined Rapid Booking System™ and followed our proven step-by-step process.

Results: He rushed through the entire training within 3 weeks and launched his new Facebook ads campaign using our strategy.

Immediately, he got a flood of quality leads for $2-3 each… which is a HUGE improvement to say the least! But that’s not all, he booked 2 weddings in the first week for a total of $8K in revenue.

Student Result: Emily

She Booked a $4500 Wedding Within 4 Weeks & Got 10X ROI

Backstory: Emily is a talented wedding photographer who struggled with a slow trickle of inquiries and bookings. Her work was gorgeous, but she was not getting booked consistently.

Problem: She tried a whole lot of marketing tactics by herself, but nothing worked! She knew it was time for a big change. But she had been burned before by other courses and “educators.” 

Solution: She joined Rapid Bookings System™ and learned our proven system to generate a flood of new leads and bookings. Now she is feeling more confident and making more!

Results: She launched our proven system on the 4th week inside our program – spent roughly $45 and got 23 inquiries. She booked her first wedding for $4500! It’s now rinse and repeat.

Student Result: Drew

He Made $47K in 5 Months & Helped His Wife Quit Her Job

Backstory: Drew thought he could figure out how to run profitable ads by purchasing a few cheap courses. But he quickly realized he was getting nowhere with his ads. He said he was practically gambling with his ad budget and hoping it works.

Problem: He didn’t know exactly how to structure his ads for weddings, he didn’t know who to target, he didn’t know how much to spend, etc. And after a while… he was tired of experimenting!

Results: He joined our program and used our proven ads strategy to earn $47K in 5 months. He was even able to help his wife quit her job and join his business (which was a big dream of theirs!)

Student Result: Zohaib

Getting 10 Inquiries Per Day & Booking $8K Weddings!

Backstory: Zohaib is a talented wedding filmmaker who is part of a husband and wife team. He had amazing work and feed. But he was struggling. Even though he tried everything, nothing worked.

Problem: He was getting a slow trickle of inquiries each month. He also didn’t know how to market or sell, so he kept getting ghosted. If he was lucky, he would book a few lower-priced weddings ($3-4K). It wasn’t enough to be successful and provide for his family.

Results: After joining Rapid Bookings, he turned things around, doubled his pricing, booked his first $8K wedding (highest package ever) and went onto to put a downpayment on his dream home – making his wife and daughter extremely happy and proud!

Timeframe: He joined the program and booked his first wedding within 2 weeks. Then he started getting 10 inquiries every single day from the 4th week. After that, he cherry-picked his dream clients and booked them consistently at $8K+ prices.


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