Hey, Wedding Photographer…

Ready to Book More at Higher Prices & Hit $10K+ Months Fast?

We teach you how to charge more, book consistently and cherry-pick your dream clients. So you can stop struggling and grow faster, smarter and easier.

Here’s the Problem...

Getting Consistent Leads & Bookings Is a Challenge

You got into wedding photography because you wanted to make a living doing what you love.

Nothing would make you happier than having your calendar filled with dream clients and being able to charge what you’re worth.

The only problem?

You’re not sure how to get booked consistently.

But the reality is, no matter how great your work is, you can’t survive in business if you don’t have consistent bookings.

You’re probably worried about when and where your next booking is going to come from. Or if you’ll even get any leads this month.

Stressed and overwhelmed on what you should be doing.

Meanwhile you’re watching other photographers with average work book out at high prices because they figured out marketing.

And to Be Honest...

Marketing Is Not Your Strength

Even though you’re putting in the effort…

You’re stuck spinning your wheels…

Running as fast as you can, but not seeing the results you deserve.

Right now, you’re reading this because… 

Your business isn’t where you want it to be.

Or maybe you’re doing ‘okay’… and you simply want more.

More consistency.

More freedom.

More money.

More time with your family.

Whatever it is…

We’ve got some good news for you…


Here’s Your Solution...

Grow Faster, Smarter, Easier Using the Rapid Bookings System™

Skip the guesswork and the years of trial-and-error. Instead, rapidly grow your business using our training program that helps you book more consistently at higher prices. Because you deserve to get paid what you’re worth.

Master Marketing

Learn the proven art & science of persuasion and build a premium brand.

Generate Quality Leads

Fill up your calendar with consultations from high-paying dream clients.

Book More Consistently

Use our six-figure sales script to charge more and book more without fear.

Upgrade Your Mindset

Reframe beliefs, install positive money mindsets and mental models for growth.

Use Automations

Use pre-built funnels, templates, etc. Optimized for maximum conversions.

Leverage Paid Ads

Understand the algorithm and launch profitable campaigns with ease.

Our Mission Is Simple...

Teach 10,000 Wedding Photographers How to Make a Living Doing What They Love

Many talented wedding photographers struggle to earn enough from their businesses. We created the fastest, most effective marketing system to help them book more consistently at higher prices. So they can be successful and live their best life.


Massive Results From Real Students

We don’t provide our students with feel-good stories and vanity metrics like visitors and followers. Instead we provide real-world tangible results like leads, bookings and cash in the bank.
“You basically changed my entire life around. So much props to you. I’m a different person now. Couples are loving me over the phone and you were so right about the script and how I would completely master it in 2 weeks. So happy man.”
Wedding Photo & Video
“Mahmoud is the best!! He has changed my business for the better! I just had my first consultation and booked a $4500 wedding!! MIND BLOWN!! I'm so glad I signed up for this program!! Excited to see everyone else succeed!!”
Wedding Photographer
“I ran ads before and I was getting a lot of traffic to my website but no bookings. I really got frustrated with wasting money and knew I needed help. With Mahmoud's program I finally learned how to actually get bookings from my ads.”
Wedding Photographer
“The psychology of selling section is golden! I've been using the sale script for my consultations so far $12K in sales. It really works! Now they really see me as a professional. Even though I was a professional, I didn't know how to communicate that.”
Wedding Filmmaker
“Your strategies really helped us. We DOUBLED in income this year and I credit that to you for giving me the courage and strategies to use. Feeling supported by you was huge and know if I had a question I had somebody to ask.”
Wedding Photo & Video
“Your program has changed my life. Not just the leads. But more so, it has given me the permission to actually make money in my life. I now wake up to automatic consults on my calendar and just made $8K in one day.”
Wedding Photographer
“I booked my first wedding from my funnel, just under $8k in revenue! I launched my funnel last week, and this was my third consult call since launching.”
Wedding Photographer
“I got another booking today for a 2023 wedding. That's 9 total weddings and coming to a total of around $25k in revenue since launching late December.”
Wedding Photographer


Ready to Work Less, Make More & Live Your Best Life?

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