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We Help You Run Profitable Ads & Book More Weddings

We help you generate more leads, charge what you’re worth, and book more weddings using profitable ads. So you can stop struggling and instead grow faster, smarter & easier.

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Introducing Rapid Bookings System

The step-by-step marketing system and training program designed to rapidly grow your business. We skip the fluff and get you laser-focused. So you can get real, measurable results fast.

Proven, Scientific System

No guesswork needed! Everything from A-to-Z is covered. Just follow our step-by-step, self-paced course and track your progress using simple metrics.

Templates & Resources

Say goodbye to tech overwhelm! Get access to our proven ads, funnels, templates, scripts, tools and automations so you can launch with one-click.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Get access to multiple coaching calls each week. So you can learn faster, implement with confidence and get personalized feedback for your business.

Collaborative Community

It’s like hanging out with friends and building your dream business! Share wins, stay motivated, and hold each other accountable inside our community.

👇   Here’s What to Expect...

Grow Faster, Smarter, Easier

Business isn’t about luck. It’s cause and effect. We show you which actions to take to get the results you seek. No details are left to interpretation. Just follow along step-by-step.

Master Marketing

Learn the proven art & science of persuasion and build a premium brand in your market.

Generate More Leads

Get leads on autopilot and fill your calendar with consultations from high-paying dream clients.

Book Consistently

Use our sales framework and script to guide the consultation like a pro and book with confidence.

Upgrade Your Mindset

Reframe beliefs, install positive money mindsets and mental models for growth.

Work Less, Make More

Increase your revenue and decrease time spent working. So you can hang out with loved ones.

Feel Confident & Secure

Get off the revenue roller coaster by attracting and booking high-paying dream clients consistently.

🎉   Raving Reviews

Massive Results From Our Students

We don’t provide our students with feel-good stories and vanity metrics like visitors and followers. Instead we provide real, measurable results like leads, bookings and cash in the bank.

Just coming here to say that I booked my first $6,000 wedding using this strategy. I’ve been busy as hell. But also last week I did a $5,000 wedding that came through the ads.

Laryssa Suaid

Los Angeles, California


We just booked our first $7000 wedding! The sales script Is a game changer and we haven’t even started the ads yet. We’re super pumped!

Ruth Preston

Ottawa, Canada


I just wanted to share with you all my first celebration! I now have 4 consultations booked this week after only one week of running ads!

Nicole Brookfield

Phoenix, Arizona


Your program has changed my life. Not just the leads. But more so, it has given me the permission to make money in my life. I now wake up to automatic consults on my calendar and just made $8K in one day.

Bryan Lee

Laurel, Maryland


I just had my first consultation with a couple since relaunching my campaign earlier this week and it was a successful booking!

Walter Lyle

Conway, Arkansas


Since running my ads I have booked 2 engagement shoots, 2 elopements, and 1 wedding. All at a price I would have been too scared to ask for not even a month ago!

Ryan Funk

Vancouver, Canada


For Jan 2023 I was able to secure $53,000 worth of booked events with about $20k directly from ads.

It’s unbelievable, this system really does work. It also has changed my mindset to becoming more abundant and realizing how many opportunities there are.

Satesh Toolsie

Orlando, Florida


The psychology of selling is golden! I’ve been using the sale script for my consultations so far $12K in sales. It really works! Now they really see me as a professional. Even though I was a professional, I didn’t know how to communicate that.

Rafelin Navarro

Boston, Massachusetts


Launched my ads today and just booked a wedding from my first consultation! Wow this stuff really works!!

Jameson Ray

Dallas, Texas


Your strategies really helped us. We DOUBLED in income this year and I credit that to you for giving me the courage and strategies to use. Feeling supported by you was huge and know if I had a question I had somebody to ask.

Ashley Garland

Cincinatti, Ohio


I wanted to post a WIN on here. So yesterday, I had a call with a new client and their wedding planner… I used the sales script method and they booked within 2 hours of our call! For $5,799. very happy!

Michelle Gonzalez

Miami, Florida


I’ve booked 4 clients directly from the funnel for about $15k of revenue. I’ve got a fully booked out calendar with consults almost every day and just feel incredibly blessed to be able to have this portion of my marketing “automated.”

David Weibel

Phoenix, Arizona

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Here’s How the Program Works

Enter a dynamic environment of learning, accountability and coaching. So you can rapidly grow your business. Find clients that you love to work with. Work less, make more, and enjoy life.

In-Depth Training Program

This is not your typical course. We cover the full roadmap from beginning to end with every detail in between to get you results. In-depth, step-by-step.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Get access to multiple coaching calls each week and have a trusted marketing advisor in your business. You’ll never be left wondering what to do next.

Collaborative Community

Get access to our exclusive community of business-minded wedding photographers who are growing to 6 figures. Business is way more fun with friends.

Hands-On, Personal Support

We’re here to hold your hand, answer your questions and give you direct feedback each step of the way. You will have all that you need to succeed.

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Our Simple 3-Step Enrollment Process

Our program is by invite-only, so we can keep our student results and experience at the highest levels. If you’re interested in enrolling, here’s the next steps…
1. Watch Free Training

Learn how the Rapid Bookings System™ helped our students make more.

2. Speak With Our Team

Together we will map out your goals and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

3. Grow Your Business

Book more at higher prices so you can be successful and live your best life.

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